100+ Funny ADHD Memes: the Ultimate Collection

Valeri Gervaziev
12mins read
Jun 17, 2023

Welcome, fellow voyagers in the wonderfully diverse ADHD universe!

Being prone to distraction, we find ADHD memes engaging3 and helpful medium to remember and retain content.

Relatable and funny ADHD memes capture the essence and many colours of ADHD.

They drive awareness in a real, positive and uplifting way.

ADHD memes help us share our experience and show us that we are not alone!

100+ ADHD Memes 

We at Deepwrk - the body doubling app - have spent weeks curating this collection of 100+ relatable and funny ADHD memes from all corners of the internet to inspire, encourage and brighten your day.

That being said, all credit goes to the brilliant, exceptional and creative ADHD minds behind these ideas.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts, for driving awareness and for building understanding that benefits the entire ADHD community!

Buckle up, fire up your sense of humour, and join us in exploring these gems.

Let's dive in!

Funny ADHD Memes

1. When the brain refuses to fall asleep and brains too much

ADHD meme: ADHD at night be like one sheep, two sheep, duck, turtle, submarine...heeey macarena.

2. All of them. Still, "getting overexcited and freaking them out" sounds quite appealing.

ADHD meme: How to have conversation with ADHD: a) interrupt, b) mumble, c) zone out, or d) freak them out.

3. Seeking a quick dopamine hit can derail us from completing tasks and projects.

ADHD meme: Clean half my room, reorganise closet, wait is that my old Gameboy..

4. Planners are great. They are fun to play with, set up...and forget all about after investing a ton of time customising them.

The ADHD leaving my body when my mom tells me to "Get a planner". ADHD meme

5. You might be able to relate to this one if most of your emails begin with "Apologies for the delay"...

"Please reply to this email by the 12th" ADHD meme of knight reading email with delay

6. Going off on a tangent makes it easy to forget the point you are trying to make.

ADHD is asking "wait, what are we talking about again?" when you're the one that's talking. ADHD meme

7. Adults with ADHD often have a distorted perception of time. Time blindness is a widespread and annoying ADHD symptom.

Time management with ADHD meme: shouldn't take long, between an hour and 11 months

8. The ADHD brain is like a busy city that never sleeps. And people with ADHD can often zone out, lost in their thoughts

ADHD meme: You get to solve the mystery of why you are in this new room.

9. Forgetfulness is an ADHD symptom related to inattention. This can include losing objects for work, daily life, misplacing items or forgetting important dates. Memory issues are often linked to symptoms of inattention, impulsivity, and even low dopamine. But it's important to keep in mind that this "out of sight out of mind" situation is not really an object permanence ADHD symptom.

Me and the ADHD gang trying to find the keys that are in my pocket. ADHD meme

10. Putting things off creates an emergency and artificial anxiety that can propel people with ADHD towards task completion. The immediacy of a deadline can create stimulation and release the so-needed dopamine.

Daily routine with ADHD. Do nothing for hours, panic, existential dread, hyperfocus on the wrong thing

11. Ooops…I can almost hear the plants screaming now (friendly reminder: water the plants)

My houseplants watching me put water in the espresso machine. ADHD meme

12. Putting stuff off is a favourite hobby and that's often linked to anxiety and the feeling we associate with the thing. Getting started is always the hardest part!

Putting stuff off ADHD meme

13. True story...

adhd leaving my body meme

14. Thoughts constantly on the go, flitting from one topic to another, and multiple thoughts at the same time...sounds about right.

train of thought adhd meme

The ADHD Brain Meme

1. Spacing out, zoning out, or blanking out are all ways to describe a common symptom of inattentive-type ADHD. It involves involuntarily losing focus from the task at hand, even when trying to pay attention.

Can you repeat the part of the stuff where you said about the things? ADHD Meme

2. On a research bender rabbit hole. That feeling of getting lost in a random Wikipedia search.

ADHD meme: I keep looking for alternative ADHD treatments but learn about history of Mesopotamia instead

3. Time feels different for people with ADHD. We use memory, attention and dopamine to predict time, and all those are impacted for people with ADHD.

ADHD meme. How time feels doing something boring "1 hour here is 7 years on earth"

4. Not sure what the Arcadia trees can do about it...run away doesn't seem like an option.

ADHD meme: Doing research on ADHD coping techniques...did you know Arcadia trees warn other trees.

5. New hobbies release dopamine, and for people with ADHD, that's often combined with hyperfocus. Once the reward centers are no longer activated the dopamine wears off and we start to lose interest resulting in the ADHD tendency to hobby-bounce.

Thor ADHD meme: ADHD people when they start a new hobby vs. when novelty wares off.

6. Containing all the brilliant ideas and creativity is sometimes a struggle...there is always something little extra to say.

ADHD meme: ADHD urge to use parenthesis in every sentence (every thought comes with bonus content).

7. Being easily distracted makes it easy to lose things. Out of side is out of mind.

Where is the thing? ADHD meme. 50% carelessly placed (forgot where), 50% deliberately placed (forgot where)

8. We are consistently bombarded with ideas. They happen simultaneously, and the ADHD brain can struggle to filter out irrelevant thoughts.

ADHD meme: Nothing like the ADHD experience of Googling and immediately forgetting what you were searching

9. During conversations, people with ADHD might focus more on the connections and relationships between things rather than the actual information. This leads to easily getting distracted and having various thoughts, ideas, and feelings.

ADHD meme: Joe from Friends thinking about a hyperfixation while in the middle of a conversation

10. Forgetfulness is one of the core symptoms stated in DSM-5. Everyone forgets stuff, but working memory problems tend to occur more often and are more severe for people with ADHD

The ADHD experience meme. Notice something; forget to do it; repeat for the rest of time

11. Deadlines, anxiety, and stressful situations induce adrenaline and dopamine release and can help people with ADHD feel in control and in the zone.

ADHD quote: ADHD brain is a marvel one of the places it shines is emergency situations

12. No one FULLY knows the cause of ADHD, but researchers suspect that our friend dopamine and its transport system might be the chief culprits.

ADHD meme: Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. More like dopamine deficit disorder.

13. We love Jessica McCabe of How to ADHD, for she keeps on building ADHD awareness with a ray of positivity and hope.

We can do all the things! Just not immediately, by ourselves, or at the same time

14. The feeling of being comfortable with your own self is liberating. Being open about mental health also builds awareness and helps destroy the ADHD stigma.

I used to try to hide being weird. Now I don't, I let it show. It wards off intolerant people, it calls out bullies, and it's a beacon to my fellow freaks. I recommend it. ADHD Quote

15. Dr. Gabor Mate also argues that while ADHD might have a genetic component, it is determined by our environment and the impact of trauma and stress in particular.

Procrastination isn't laziness. It's. A. Trauma. Response. ADHD Quote

16. ADHD brain is like an internet browser with a barrage of thoughts coming in simultaneously. But why stop at 19 open tabs...more like 37.

My mind is like an internet browser: 19 tabs open, 5 not responding ADHD meme

17. Hyperfocus can drop us in a state of flow where hours can pass by, glued to a single task, without any consideration for anything else in the world.

Sometimes I'm so ADHD that I literally forget to eat. ADHD Meme

18. An actual snapshot of my AuDHD brain...sounds about right.

Image inside my AuDHD brain meme

19. How my ADHD brain works: two speeds

How my ADHD brain works meme

20. ADHD and sleep often go hand in hand. In fact, up to 50% of people with ADHD suffer from sleep related issues.

adhd brain and sleep meme

21. For people with ADHD difficulty waking up in the morning is often related to disruption in the circadian rhythm, revenge sleep procrastination, and dopamine irregularities.

adhd and sleep reflecting on your own existence ADHD meme

22. One more on the sleep topic...oddly relatable.

I don't need sleep I need answers meme

23. Decent description of the ADHD brain:

my mind is like an internet browser adhd meme

24. Flitting from one topic to another.

I know a spot ADHD meme

Relatable ADHD Memes: What is ADHD

1. Being told to do the thing is easier said than done. The intense pressure and shame don’t help.

ADHD quote: "Why don't you just do the thing?"

2. What a brilliant and novel idea to solve ADHD🥱

ADHD meme: Adult with ADHD (Simpsons character) slapping his forehead after being told to "Just Focus"

3. Out of sight is out of mind: forgetting about tasks or objects not in front of you is easy.

ADHD meme: ADHD urge to set objects in the most convenient location not the correct one

4. Accurate representation of life with ADHD.

ADHD meme: Life with ADHD: "Sorry, this link has expired." "Sorry, that food has expired."

5. Executive dysfunction is not being able to do even things you really enjoy and want to do.

ADHD meme: a lot of people think ADHD is just procrastinating things i don't wanna do..

6. Your ADHD way of doing things is designed to work for you. And sometimes, it’s better to get the thing done rather than do it perfectly.

ADHD is constantly being told "you're doing it wrong" even though your way also works. ADHD meme.

7. Building habits and systems with ADHD is tough. Once we break the streak, motivation often disappears and dies.

ADHD meme: ADHD is spending life perfecting an elaborate system that stops you from dropping balls

8. Sometimes ADHD is feeling like an underachiever and an overachiever and swinging between the two.

ADHD quote: ADHD is being told you're "too much" while simultaneously feeling like you're not enough

9. ADHD executive dysfunction doesn’t discriminate between things you do or don’t like.

ADHD quote: Executive dysfunction doesn't discriminate. ADHD is avoiding things you get joy from or need

10. Some adults with ADHD may develop perfectionistic tendencies as a coping mechanism. Fear of making mistakes, can lead to inaction and ADHD paralysis.

Me: I have ADHD, so starting and finishing tasks is hard. Also me: If I don't do these 30 things today I'm a failure. ADHD meme

11. ADHD is not being lazy. It’s not having enough dopamine/motivation even to start tasks. ADHD impairs a person's ability to plan, prioritise, and complete tasks, but that doesn’t make them lazy.

ADHD quote: ADHD = I desperately WANT to do the thing, but I just can't START

12. ADHD masking and overcompensating ADHD symptoms to maintain social acceptance can easily lead to a vicious ADHD burnout cycle.

ADHD quote: ADHD is feeling like you're always behind, afraid of appearing lazy until you burnout

13. ADHD overwhelm, task paralysis, and masking can all lead to constant stress and anxiety.

A state where you always think about what you should be doing and swinging between doing a thousand things and doing nothing.

The overwhelm, anxiety and stress can be physically exhausting and paralysing.

ADHD accountability buddy, ADHD coworking, or joining an accountability partner app can help you get things done and manage overwhelm and task paralysis.

ADHD quote: ADHD feels like you are chronically overwhelmed

14. Sometimes, you can multitask and juggle a million things simultaneously. But other times, your brain can shortcut and doing more than one thing becomes a struggle.

ADHD meme: "Can you mulitask?" Bro, I have ADHD. Yes and no

15. Another one you can link to dopamine deficiency. Seeking novelty is another way to increase dopamine with ADHD.

ADHD meme: ADHD urge to work on anything but the thing you should be working on

ADHD Time Blindness Meme

1. People with ADHD are less aware of time passing, making it difficult to manage tasks and plan effectively.

Being easily distracted and time blind is the ADHD 1-2 punch. "Let's look at this thing for 1min... aaand it's been 8 hours."

2. Time blindness can lead you to be late for appointments, to misjudge how long a task takes, and frequently miss deadlines.

ADHD meme: Get absolutely nothing done the entire day and complete everything in a frenzy

3. A sense of urgency often kickstarts the ADHD brain. Creating an anxiety-fuelled dopamine rush can propel us to complete tasks...but at what cost?

ADHD meme: shifting between frenzied hyperworkmode and a near-catatonic dread and avoidance

4. The ADHD brain excels in crises. Putting things off to the last minute creates an emergency-type situation, inducing an adrenaline and dopamine hit and a state of hyperfocus that can propel someone with ADHD to complete tasks.

ADHD is knowing you have a deadline, wasting all time, then neglecting basic needs until done

5. ADHD often leads to unpredictable productivity patterns, necessitating inclusive workplace accommodations that recognize and optimize the unique work-life experiences of individuals with ADHD.

With ADHD I have exactly three types of work days: Get absolutely nothing done Get 4 hours of work done, at a random time of day Get 40 hours of work done in 8 hours. ADHD Meme

6. The powerful combo of time blindness and lack of dopamine to initiate tasks could lead to missed deadlines, panic and anxiety.

ADHDers go from "I like doing things up until the last minute because I work well under pressure" to "omg why did I leave this until the last minute, someone save me". ADHD meme

7. Many people with ADHD work exceptionally well under pressure. We delay completing tasks or starting projects until the very last minute...but we usually get it done. The sense of urgency kickstarts the ADHD brain and releases dopamine and adrenaline that get us going.

Strengths: works well under pressure Weaknesses: doesn't work otherwise. ADHD meme

ADHD Hyperfocus Meme

1. Accurate definition of ADHD hyperfocus.

ADHD turbo button that works half the time ADHD meme

2. Novelty seeking in ADHD could be linked to lower dopamine levels. We are always looking for new experiences that can trigger dopamine release.

ADHD is wanting to learn & do all things, then trying to learn & do all things

3. The issue is that once the novelty wares off and dopamine drops down to the low baseline we (very rapidly) lose interest. And that is often a source of the pesky ADHD tax!

The ADHD walk of shame is when you admit you're not  interested in a recent obsession

4. Coping strategies work until we forget to use them or get bored and abandon them forever.

How to use systems: get excited, set up, use 3 days, get busy, abandon, feel guilty

5. People with ADHD can excel at the workplace once they (or the workplace) adapt to ADHD and tailor their environment to their strengths.

ADHD is being model employee hyperfocusing at new job then not caring 3 months later

6. Blessing or a curse? The two-week hyperfocus on a hobby or something new, followed by the plateau and the sheer lack of interest or motivation, is very real.

ADHD meme: buy a blender, make smoothies for 2 weeks, then never acknowledge your blender again

7. The perfect productivity system is the one that works for you. A simple Apple Notes file with a list of tasks works for me. The easiest to manage, the better!

ADHD meme: ADHD is building the perfect productivity system and getting bored before it helps.

8. May be invent the lightning rod, draft the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution, name the Gulf Stream, set up the University of Pennsylvania, become ambassador to France, write 30,000 letters and documents; invent bifocal lenses, the odometer and flexible catheter. That's at least some of what Benjamin Franklin managed to squeeze in.

ADHD in the 1980s: rewrite the bible by hand and run in circles for 6 hours

9. ADHD and perfectionism are an unlikely couple and perfectionism is a common symptom reported in adults with ADHD. We can often set impossible standards, fail to meet them and quickly abandon projects, hobbies or positive behaviours.

ADHD meme. Spends months building a new daily routine. Forgets one day. Never does it again

ADHD Socialising Meme

1. See below why is this a common ADHD / neurodivergent trait.

The point I am trying to make ADHD meme

2. Who uses phone calls these days anyways?

making a phone call with adhd meme

3. Been there, done that...so many times

Reason I don't reply to messages ADHD

4. The neurodivergent urge to over explain simple concepts to provide more context and clarification

The neurodivergent urge to explaining things better adhd meme

5. For many neurodivergent individuals, this feeling of being misunderstood gives rise to a need for overexplaining.

ADHD need to clarify things adhd quote

ADHD Paralysis Meme

1. ADHD paralysis is a mental gridlock that can be frustrating and confusing. It makes prioritising and making decisions difficult and is a source of ADHD decision fatigue.

ADHD meme: I need a shower, but I need to exercise, but I need shower motivation

2. ADHD brains can struggle with breaking tasks into manageable steps, leading to feeling overwhelmed and frozen in place.

ADHD meme: The ADHD urge to get ALL things done but not get ANY done

3. Inability to initiate tasks is often linked to the negative emotions we associate with the given task. Try starting with a minimal 1-minute of effort only. "Motion creates emotion" as Tony Robbins says.

ADHD Meme: ADHD is spending 3 hours trying to start a 10 minute task

4. When your brain simply can’t, won’t and nopes....

ADHD is having day off & thinking of 1,000 ways to enjoy but not choose any

5. When tasks seem too complex or numerous, the ADHD brain can feel overwhelmed, leading to mental gridlock.

ADHD is suddenly remembering that you're overwhelmed. ADHD meme

6. ADHD overthinking is a common ADHD symptom and quite persistent companion.

Me: Go for walk before shower or after? ADHD: let's think about it until too late

7. Dread of making mistakes or failing can cause ADHD paralysis.

ADHD is like having impossibly high standards, but lacking the drive to make things happen

8. Yes, or feeling so paralysed by the number of things you need to do that you never start.

Do you get so overwhelmed that you can't remember any specific thing you need to do

9. Mindfulness techniques like deep breathing, meditation, or even colouring can reduce overwhelm and calm your racing thoughts. Moving, exercising or breaking tasks down also helps.

If you have ADHD and you're feeling overwhelmed, trying to "force" yourself will absolutely not work

ADHD in Adults Meme

1. Getting diagnosed can explain so much of our experience and could be the first step to living a better, more fulfilling life.

Getting diagnosed with ADHD as an adult feels like being told you suck at Mario Kart

2. ADHD is real, and its apparent increase in visibility doesn't negate this truth.

ADHD diagnosis increase: "oh my god, how did we manage to let so many people down?"

3. Late diagnosis can lead to a profound mix of relief and melancholy thinking about the life we could have led.

ADHD diagnosis is like finding someone has been sabotaging your efforts and that someone is you

4. Research suggests that developing ADHD has a significant hereditary component, but family history is not the sole cause. Instead, it’s likely to be a mixture of genetic, neurobiological, and environmental influences.

Being the first in your family diagnosed with ADHD is confusing until your realize the pantry is full of food that expired in 2015, the storage room is in need of an archeological excavation, forgotten mugs inside the microwave, and everyone's hot tempered and without a filter. ADHD quote

5. Many ADHD symptoms overlap with other conditions, including depression, anxiety, and even bipolar disorder. Misdiagnosis is particularly common for women and girls due to symptom misconceptions. Want to learn more about ADHD symptoms, misdiagnosis, and underdiagnosis in women? Head over to our ADHD in women checklist article.

My ADHD was misdiagnosed as "smart but lazy" "selfish" "lacks effort", "messy and disorganized", "too sensitive"

6. ADHD may impair a person's ability to plan, prioritise, and complete activities, and it doesn't mean we are lazy and unreliable.

When people say lazy they mean "Don't feel like doing it, but could if I wanted"

7. Receiving a late ADHD diagnosis could be the first step to reaching your full potential, but it also brings on the melancholy of a life that could've been.

Anyone who didn't find out about their ADHD until after their 20s should get a free redo. ADHD quote

8. ADHD is highly hereditable (60–70%), and medical experts often find a link between children who have ADHD and their parents having the condition.

Reminder that ADHD, autism and other neurodivergencies are generally genetic

9. Anxiety, depression or ADHD? It could be all three as ADHD is often missed when it co-exists with depression or anxiety, and vice versa. Especially in women who can often be misdiagnosed and/or diagnosed later in life.

Depression & anxiety. Let's see who this really is. Untreated ADHD Scooby Doo ADHD meme

10. Despite the growing awareness, ADHD remains severely underdiagnosed (or misdiagnosed), especially in women.

11. Undiagnosed ADHD is like playing the game of life on hard mode.

12. Dropping the mask, being yourself, and acknowledging neurodivergence is indeed freeing.

Acknowledging neurodivergence is freeing quote

ADHD Math Meme

1. True story...

ADHD math meme peter griffin family guy ADHD meme

2. Sounds about right.

adhd math meme zach galifianakis adhd meme

3. ADHD tax is real

ADHD Squirrel Meme

1. The ADHD brain is often bombarded with thoughts others might easily dismiss. It can struggle to filter out ADHD intrusive thoughts that are all happening simultaneously.

I've been told that I have ADHD, but I don't think-hey look, squirrel! ADHD Squirrel Meme

2. Our ADHD brains love novelty and learning, so we might find ourselves constantly analysing and dissecting new information.

"ooh a squirrel!" how people think ADHD works "huh look at that squirrel, I wonder what...

3. Racing thoughts and ADHD overthinking are a signutre feature.

ADHD Squirrel Meme. What do we want? Cure for ADHD! When do we want it?! Squirrel!

4. It's a struggle to filter out the constant stream of thoughts, ideas, and emotions.

I have just met you and this is crazy, but...squirrel. ADHD Squirrel MemeI

5. Individuals with ADHD often have trouble regulating their thoughts, emotions, and actions, leading to impulsivity and difficulty staying on task.

Trying to do 14 things at once like a squirrel on cocaine. ADHD Squirrel Meme

ADHD and Anxiety Meme

1. The ADHD brain excels in a crisis, and waiting until the last minute boosts adrenaline and helps you get things done.

I accidentally relaxed too much and now I don't have enough anxiety to get stuff done. ADHD quote

2. Executive dysfunction can make it challenging to initiate and complete even the simplest of tasks.

Happy to report that I have completed the task that took me 4 minutes to do

3. Between 40 and 60 per cent of people with ADHD suffer from anxiety.

nothing ruins a person with ADHD's day like a 3pm appointment. ADHD meme

4. Anxiety often occurs due to the worry of ADHD symptoms getting in the way of completing tasks, doing things correctly, or forgetting important meetings.

"I have a thing in 4 hours, so I don't have time to do anything before."

5. There are healthier ways to get things done with ADHD than anxiety and stress, including medication, therapy, coaching, and lifestyle changes.

If you have ADHD and you always rely on anxiety and deadlines to get things done

ADHD Treatment & Medication Memes and Quotes

1. Having ADHD and taking medication is nothing to be ashamed of. Medication can be highly effective and help us live a beautiful, fulfilling life.

It is far past time for stigma about ADHD stimulants to subside. ADHD quote

2. Deadlines, panic and stress can propel us towards task completion by releasing adrenaline and unlocking a state of hyperfocus.

No idea how to do stuff without adrenaline surge caused by last minute panic. ADHD quote

3. Anxiety and panic-fuelled hyperfocus often lead to an inevitable crash and burnout.

Just got reminded that before medication, my biggest coping strategy to help with ADHD was my anxiety. I'd be on time more often and less forgetful, but at what price...ADHD quote

4. Studies show that when taken as prescribed and monitored by a doctor, ADHD medication is generally not addictive.

Doctors: ADHD medication is addictive; Me with ADHD: I forgot to take my meds again

5. Adderall functions differently for people with ADHD. ADHD medication is effective and helps achieve a normal balance of neurotransmitters, alleviating ADHD symptoms.

Neurotypicals on Adderal vs. me on: ADHD meme

6. Sounds about right...

Taking Adderall to respond thank you to everyone who said happy birthday to me ADHD meme

RSD Memes and Quotes

1. Many adults with ADHD encounter feelings more deeply, passionately, and regularly than their peers without ADHD.

Realising you DO feel things more, and that it's not you being weak is life changing

2. Overcompensate by striving for perfection and burning out is a common theme in the ADHD world.

Many with ADHD are convinced we are too much. Too emotional. Too forgetful. Too late.

3. It's important to acknowledge that ADHD is not simply about inattentiveness, impulsivity, and hyperactivity. It often involves difficulty navigating emotions and Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria (RSD).

People with ADHD feel emotions intensely, and we react to those feelings with an equal intensity.

ADHD Cleaning Meme

1. Cleaning is boring and mundane. That's why there is so much potential for distraction and procrastination.

ADHD is cleaning a room and before you've finished you've made home made body cream, hat

2. Your ADHD works for you, and that's enough.

Neurotypicals be like: " organized your kitchen for you! It works SO MUCH BETTER NOW, aren't you grateful?!?!?" Us, surveying the damage, knowing it will take us weeks to put shit back in a way that makes sense for us: ...uh, yes. Yes, of course thank you. Them: WELL YOU DON'T SEEM GRATEFUL! ADHD meme

3. Any new old thing is more fun than cleaning

When you're clearing out the garage and keep getting distracted by the cool stuff you find. Image of king Charles coronation. ADHD meme

4. Accurate! Get an ADHD buddy to help you clean your room 😊

ADHD cleaning meme

5. Cleaning the dishes, folding laundry, filling in forms...some of these things all of us ADHDers "love".

Putting off dishes life spiraling adhd meme

ADHD Iceberg Meme

1. We are all so vastly different, and the neurodiverse world so unique, but still - many of us tick these daily.

Deepwrk ADHD iceberg meme: what people see vs. what ADHD actually is. ADHD iceberg meme

2. ADHD is real, and it isn't something you outgrow. It's much more complex than having trouble focusing.

ADHD iceberg meme: what people see vs. what ADHD actually is. ADHD iceberg meme

ADHD Bingo Meme

1. The neurodiverse world is so unique and we are so vastly different, but some of us tick these every single day.

ADHD Bingo Meme

Where can you find more ADHD memes?

You can follow some exceptional and brilliant creators on Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok or join some ADHD meme-focused sub-Reddits.

  1. Reddit is the home base of ADHD Memes: check out r/adhdmeme sub-Reddit which has more than 500,000 followers. r/ADHDmemes, r/ADHD and r/ADHDWomen are also worth following
  2. Here are some ADHD meme Instagram accounts you can check out: @adhd_memetherapy, @adhdmemetherapy, @adhd.memes, @cherry.adhd, @adhd_love_
  3. Twitter creators worth following: @danidonovan, @adhdjesse, @blkgirllostkeys, @ADHDelaide, @ADHDdesigner, @HowtoADHD
  4. And finally a few TikTok accounts that promote awareness and understanding: @connordewolfe, @dr.kojosarfo, @catieosaurus, @cobywatts_, @drbrianftw

You can also join the Deepwrk virtual coworking and ADHD body doubling platform to see the memes shared by our ADHD community.

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Memes are not only funny, but also an easy and enjoyable way to remember, store and convey information.

ADHD memes are relatable and bring awareness, understanding and acceptance within and outside of the ADHD community.

They can also brighten your day and show you that you are not alone in your experience and struggle!

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