20 Best ADHD Productivity Tools & Apps in 2024

Valeri Gervaziev
12mins read
Jul 8, 2023

Ever felt paralysed, stuck in a haze of overwhelm, and unable to start or finish tasks? 

You are not alone! Living with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder ("ADHD") and getting stuff done is often a daily struggle.

There are now a ton of ADHD productivity tools that can help.

In fact, there are so many ADHD apps out there that it's a challenge to find the ones that actually work.

We have done the hard work for you.

Dive into our highly curated list of the best ADHD productivity tools & apps in 2024 and discover how to turn ADHD into a strength.

20 Best ADHD Productivity Tools & Apps of 2024

In the last couple of years, various apps have emerged to help ADHD adults tackle time management, task initiation, task completion, and hyperfocus.

This article will guide you through the best ADHD productivity tools & apps across various categories, including task completion, time management, and body doubling.

Distraction will still happen, but with these ADHD apps, you can leverage your unique neurodivergent mind to get things done your way.

Ready to dive in?

Let's explore the best ADHD productivity tools of 2024 together.

Task Management & Focus ADHD Productivity Tools

ADHD can make complex tasks seem overwhelming.

These task management & task completion apps help us track, break down, and remember our todos.

They visualise tasks and make it easier to track progress.

These ADHD productivity tools can help you initiate tasks, plan your day, and set reminders never to forget our essential todos.

They can make ADHD life a tiny bit more organised and a lot less overwhelming and stressful.

1. Finch 

Best ADHD Self-Care App

Finch Screenshot: Best ADHD Productivity Tools & Apps

What is Finch? A self-care app that provides you with a cute virtual pet to take care of. Gamification and stunning visuals help you set/achieve goals and establish healthy habits. The app is tailored for the neurodivergent community to help us prioritise and support our mental health.

App Store Rating: 5 / 5 ⭐

Platforms: iPhone, Android

Price: Freemium (paid versions start at $5/month or $39.99 for a year)


  • Cute visuals and gamification keep you engaged
  • A fun way to build healthy habits and achieving goals
  • A ton of activities to choose from
  • Positive, supportive and active community


  • A bit too many questions upfront, which can stop you from ever trying it

Why Does It Work for ADHD?

Finch is a self-care app specifically designed for the neurodivergent community in mind.

It provides you with a cute virtual pet you care for. The gamification and appealing visuals help you set and complete goals, form healthy habits, and engage in various self-care activities.

These include exercises eliminate anxiety, acts of kindness, reflections, and positive thinking.

You can even do yoga, breathing exercises, and listen to soundscapes.

The idea is that you take care of yourself by caring for your pet. Finch is a fantastic ADHD app that can help you feel better each day.

2. Todoist 

Best General Todo List App

Todoist Screenshot: Best ADHD Productivity Tools & Apps

What is Todoist? The name gives it away: an app that allows you to create, schedule, manage and organize todo lists and tasks. Used by over 20 million people globally

App Store Rating: 4.8 / 5 ⭐

Platforms: Apple (iPhone, iPad, Mac), Android, Web

Price: Freemium (paid versions start at $4/month)


  • Clean, user-friendly and simple to use drag-and-drop interface
  • Advanced features like labels, filters, and productivity tracking
  • You can prioritize tasks and add recurring due dates and reminders
  • A highly visual interface with colour coding, reminders, and easy navigation is perfect for ADHD
  • Feature-rich free version


  • It may take some time to utilize the wide range of features fully
  • No built-in time tracker

Why Does It Work for ADHD?

With advanced features like labels, deadlines, reminders, filters, and priorities, Todoist can structure your tasks in a way that makes sense to you.

Recurring due dates and reminders are incredibly helpful for ADHD and can ensure you never miss a task.

3. Remember the Milk

Best ADHD Task List App

Remember the Milk Screenshot: Best ADHD Productivity Tools & Apps
Remember the Milk

What is Remember the Milk? Simple todo list and reminder app with smart features to organize and never forget your tasks

App Store Rating: 4.7 / 5 ⭐

Platforms: Apple (iPhone, iPad), Android, Web

Price: Freemium (paid version at $39.99/year)


  • Robust task management with features like subtasks, priorities, tags, and more
  • The Smart Add feature allows you to add tasks with all details in one line quickly
  • Get reminders via email, text, IM, Twitter, and mobile notifications
  • Share your lists and give tasks to others to get things done faster
  • Integrates with Gmail, Google Calendar, Twitter, Evernote, and more


  • Full functionality requires a Pro subscription
  • Customer support could be improved
  • Sync is not real-time in the free version
  • The interface is a bit clunky and could be overwhelming for some

Why Does It Work for ADHD?

Powerful task list app that lets you capture tasks quickly and organize them according to priority, due date, time estimates, and more.

Remember The Milk assists ADHD users by sending reminders through multiple channels, ensuring you never forget a task.

The daily notifications are super helpful for people with ADHD, allowing you to always stay on top of tasks.

4. Deepwrk

Best ADHD Body Doubling App

A common strategy for ADHD is body doubling: having someone else present while working on things.

Using an ADHD coworking app / accountability partner app can boost focus and productivity, making tasks seem less daunting and overwhelming.

Deepwrk Body Doubling App Screenshot 1: Best ADHD Productivity Tools & Apps
Deepwrk: Body Doubling Session
Deepwrk Body Doubling App Screenshot 2: Best ADHD Productivity Tools & Apps
Deepwrk Web App: Gamification & Milestones

What is Deepwrk? Online body doubling website for ADHD adults to focus, escape distractions, and get 2x more done together

Price: Free trial to get you started, then from $12/month

Platforms: Web app


  • Designed specifically for the ADHD community in mind
  • Gamified rewards and milestones system to drive motivation and help you stay consistent
  • Supportive and understanding ADHD community to connect with people who get it


  • Only group body doubling sessions (but stay tuned for future updates)

Why Does It Work for ADHD?

Deepwrk is a platform developed by our team, specifically designed to assist adults with ADHD in managing focus and controlling distractions.

Deepwrk offers group ADHD body doubling online sessions, where participants share goals, escape distractions, work on individual projects and get things done together.

It helps you manage and control some of the common ADHD symptoms like time blindness, ADHD paralysis, and inattentiveness.

The sessions are one or two hours long and are led by a host to add a layer of structure to your routine. Learn how body doubling ADHD app works.

The platform combines gamification rooted in behavioural science with a sense of community to make even the most challenging and tedious tasks more enjoyable and easier to complete.

5. Brain.FM

Best Focus Music App

Brain.FM Best Focus Music App: ADHD Productivity Tools & Apps

What is Brain.FM? Music that's scientifically proven to increase focus. Made to help you work better by blending into the background while you work or study

App Store Rating: 4.5 / 5 ⭐

Platforms: Apple (Mac, iPhone, iPad), Android, Web


  • $6.99/month or $49.99/year
  • Deepwrk members enjoy 30% off their monthly or annual subscription


  • Simple, appealing & easy to use interface
  • Large selection of music: you won't get bored
  • In-built Pomodoro timer to run focus sessions
  • Adjust music type for focus, sleep or relaxation


  • Limited flexibility to change focus timer on mobile

Why Does It Work for ADHD?

Listening to instrumental music can enhance concentration, decrease inattention, reduce negative mood and promote increased performance in people with ADHD. Brain.FM neuroscience-based focus music can give you that little dopamine boost to get going and stay focused while working.

What are good alternatives to BrainFM?

There are some good alternatives to Brain.FM worth exploring, including Endel, Focus@Will and Noisili.

They are all music streaming apps that provide specially engineered audio to help you focus.

Still, Brain.FM remains our top focus music app for ADHD given the ease of use, excellent interface, and variety of audio.

6. Trello

Best Kanaban-Style Task Manager

Trello Screenshot: Best ADHD Productivity Tools & Apps

What is Trello? Offers a visually appealing, Kanban-style system for managing tasks, projects, or random thoughts, using boards, lists, and cards.

App Store Rating: 4.4 / 5 ⭐

Price: Freemium (free for up to 10 boards, paid starting from $10/month or $29.99/year).

Platforms: Apple (Mac, iPhone, iPad), Android, Web


  • Colour-coding tasks to add visual cues as a reminder to complete activities promptly
  • Entertaining gamification with Unicorns & Narwals jumping around when you complete a task
  • Ability to efficiently set due dates and priorities
  • Simple and user-friendly interface


  • No built-in time tracking feature
  • Limited board in the free version

Why Does It Work for ADHD?

Trello is the "little brother" of Asana. It's much more ADHD-friendly, and the highly visual interface works like magic for people with ADHD.

The visual task organization makes it easier for people with ADHD to see, understand and prioritize goals, making task management much less daunting and overwhelming.

7. Tiimo

Best Visual Daily Planner for ADHD

Tiimo Screenshot: Best ADHD Productivity Tools & Apps

What is Tiimo? A visual planning app designed for people with ADHD, dyslexia, and autism to assist in managing time, routines, activities and task completion

App Store Rating: 4.3 / 5 ⭐


  • Freemium ($5.99/month or $29.99/year for paid version)
  • Deepwrk members enjoy ~30% off annual subscription

Platforms: Apple (iOS), Android


  • A highly visual daily planning app perfect for ADHD
  • Visualise your tasks, timelines and checklists
  • Break down your tasks with AI
  • Set ongoing reminders and select from pre-made routines


  • Requires subscription for full functionality after the trial period
  • Might be more features than some users need

Why Does It Work for ADHD?

Tiimo is a highly visual planning app specifically designed to help adults with ADHD to stay on task

Its visually-driven interface is perfect for users who enjoy clear, graphical representations of time, routines, and tasks

Users can create personalized routines with Pomodoro-style timers, reminders and motivating notifications.

The app also offers a reward system to enhance task completion.

8. Calm

Best Mindfulness & Meditation App

Calm Best Meditation App Screenshot: ADHD Productivity Tools & Apps

What is Calm? Meditation, sleep and relaxation app, including guided meditations, stories narrated by celebrities, focus music, soundscapes, and more.

App Store Rating: 4.8 / 5 ⭐

Platforms: Apple (iPhone, iPad, Mac), Android


  • $14.99/month or $69.99/ year 
  • Deepwrk members enjoy 50% off annual subscription


  • High-quality content and strong curation based on your mood
  • Has meditations, sleep sounds, stories read by celebrities, and more
  • Excellent for sleep, meditation, and anxiety relief
  • Fresh content: original meditation sessions released every day 


  • Requires consistency to be effective
  • The gamification element is rather simple and could be improved

Why Does It Work for ADHD?

‍Regular meditation practice can help adults with ADHD enhance concentration and attention. 

Mindfulness can help you become more aware of your thoughts and feelings, allowing you to manage impulsivity, hyperactivity, and RSD better.

Calm is our favourite meditation app, due to the clean and simple interface, variety of content, and high-quality guided session.

What are good alternatives to Calm?

HeadspaceBreathwrk and Waking Up by Sam Harris are excellent options, if you want to explore Calm alternatives.

9. Habitify

Best Habit Tracker for ADHD

Habitify Screenshot: Best ADHD Productivity Tools & Apps

What is Habitify? Daily habit tracker app that helps you build, track, and maintain habits and daily routines. Used by over 2 million people globally

App Store Rating: 4.4 / 5 ⭐

Platforms: Apple (iOS, Apple Watch, Mac), Android, Web

Price: Freemium (paid plans start at $4.99/month or $27.99/year)


  • Allows tracking and managing multiple habits
  • Provides multiple reminders and motivational quotes to keep you on track
  • Offers detailed progress tracking and analytics


  • Lacks social features for habit accountability
  • The free plan is super limited; most features are available only in the Pro version

Why Does It Work for ADHD?

Habitify is a beautiful habit tracker that makes building, tracking, and maintaining habits easier. You can join different habit challenges like drinking more water, reading, and journaling. The app provides regular reminders and motivational quotes to help users stay on track. For people with ADHD, Habitify can help create structure, routine and promote consistency.

10. Opal

Opal Screenshot: Best ADHD Productivity Tools & Apps

Best App and Website Blocker

What is Opal? Screen time management app that blocks distracting apps and websites. 

App Store Rating: 4.7 / 5 ⭐

Platforms: Apple (iPhone, iPad, Mac), Web (Chrome)


  • Freemium (premium version starts at $99.99 year)


  • Real-time feedback on focus levels (focus score)
  • Gamification helps you stay focused
  • See your projected screen time in years (it's scary...)


  • No Android app yet (in development)
  • The paid version is on the expensive end of things

Why Does It Work for ADHD?

Technology is a double edged sword.

ADHD productivity tools and apps can help us with reminders, alarms, calendars, todo lists, habit tracking, and more.

At the same time, it can be a source of constant dopamine-inducing distractions: reels, TikToks, notifications, emails, games, and news.

Opal can help you manage these distractions by blocking apps and websites while you are working or studying.

What are good alternatives to Opal?

Freedom is an excellent alternative to Opal. Note that as a Deepwrk members you enjoy 30% off any Freedom subscription plan

You can also use a simple browser extension, like Cold Turkey or Stay Focused

RescueTime and Forest also have app and website-blocking capabilities.

11. Due

Best Reminder App for ADHD

Due Screenshot: Best ADHD Productivity Tools & Apps

What is Due? A reliable reminder and timer app that consistently nudges you to complete tasks and meet deadlines.

App Store Rating: 4.7 / 5 ⭐

Platforms: Apple (iPhone, iPad, Mac)

Price: $9.99/month


  • Persistent, customizable reminders combat forgetfulness and promote task completion
  • Reusable timers offer structured and efficient time management
  • Simple and user-friendly interface 
  • Synchronizes with iCloud, ensuring access across all Apple devices


  • Limited to iOS devices, excluding Android and Windows users
  • Reminders can be persistent, which may feel overwhelming to some
  • There is no free version beyond a one-week trial period

Why Does It Work for ADHD?

Due is your ultimate ally in fighting ADHD-related forgetfulness. With its ability to "gently nag" you, Due' persistent reminders ensure you never miss out on a task.

Set a reminder for your todo, and the app will notify you persistently until you've marked it as done.

For people with ADHD, this function is beneficial as it helps manage forgetfulness and time blindness.

Due also offers reusable timers, a perfect feature for timing your focus sessions or daily routines.

12. Evernote

Best Note-Taking App

Evernote Screenshot: Best ADHD Productivity Tools & Apps

What is Evernote? Evernote is a note-taking app that helps keep all of your ideas, todo lists, notes, and brainstorming in one place.

App Store Rating: 4.4 / 5 ⭐

Price: Freemium (paid plan starting at $14.99/mo)

Platforms: Apple (iPhone, iPad), Android, Web, Browser Extension


  • Flexible and comprehensive note-taking features
  • Allows you to create, categorize, and search notes easily
  • Offers features like reminders, checklists, and todo lists
  • Allows you to create notes in various formats (text, sketches, photos, audio, video, PDFs)
  • Integrates with a variety of other apps and tools


  • The free version has limited functionality
  • Maximum note size is limited

Why Does It Work for ADHD?

This app allows you to create notes, add pictures, make todo lists, set up checklists, record audio on one device, and then share it across devices or with others.

In the context of ADHD, it is a valuable tool to manage daily tasks, keep track of ideas, and ensure nothing important falls through the cracks.

13. Asana

Best Project Management App

Asana Screenshot: Best ADHD Productivity Tools & Apps

What is Asana? A virtual todo list and a project management tool that offers a comprehensive system for tracking and managing tasks, projects, and workflows

App Store Rating: 4.7 / 5 ⭐

Price: 30-day free trial, then starting at $10.99/month

Platforms: Apple (Mac, iPhone, iPad), Android, Web


  • Entertaining gamification with Unicorns & Narwals jumping around when you complete a task
  • Colour-coding tasks to add visual cues as a reminder to complete activities promptly
  • Ability to efficiently set due dates and priorities


  • The interface may be overwhelming for first-time users
  • Designed for collaboration and works best for teams or freelancers
  • Not as user-friendly on a phone or tablet compared to desktop


Asana works as a virtual "todo" list, allowing users to break their todo tasks into smaller bits and arrange them according to priority levels.

It was designed for team collaboration and works best for teams, freelancers or business owners.

That being said, the Asana virtual todo list and cute Unicorns & Narwals work great for individuals/us.

Time Management ADHD Productivity Apps

These AHDD time management apps can help with common ADHD challenges, such as time blindness, hyperfocus and task initiation.

Many utilize the Pomodoro technique to break tasks down, facilitate monotasking and work in short, intense bursts of focus.

1. RescueTime

Best ADHD Time Management App

RescueTime Screenshot: Best ADHD Productivity Tools & Apps

What is RescueTime? Tracks how you spend time on all your devices across apps and websites. Reports, insights, and distraction-blocking help you stay on track.

Our Rating: 4.8 / 5 ⭐


  • Freemium (premium version at $12/month or $78/year)
  • Deepwrk members enjoy 50% off their monthly or annual subscription

Platforms: Apple (Mac, iPhone, iPad), Android, Windows, Web, Browser Extensions


  • Automatically tracks time spent on apps, websites, and offline activities
  • Offers a FocusTime feature that blocks distracting websites and apps
  • Provides detailed focus reports and insights about how you spend your time
  • Allows setting goals and alerts to help manage your time better


  • The free version has limited functionality
  • Initial set-up takes some time

Why Does It Work for ADHD?

The app automatically tracks your time on various devices and activities, including apps, websites, and even offline.

It helps you see where your time goes, how often you get distracted, and even when is your most productive time of day.

The app is fantastic for ADHD, as it also includes a website and blocker to eliminate distractions. It even has a built-in visual countdown timer to run Pomodoro focus sessions.

2. Forest

Best ADHD Pomodoro Timer

Forest App Screenshot: Best ADHD Productivity Tools & Apps
Forest App

What is Forest App? Uses a virtual tree-growing mechanism and a built-in timer to manage distractions and facilitate focused work sessions. Used by over 30 million people globally

App Store Rating: 4.8 / 5 ⭐

Price: $3.99

Platforms: Apple (iPhone, iPad), Android, Web


  • Intuitive and charming interface with a visual reward system 
  • Built-in timer to promote the Pomodoro technique of working in bursts 
  • Creates a sense of achievement and motivation to stay focused and on tasks 
  • The deep focus mode can stop you from getting distracted by social media and your smartphone


  • Lacks advanced task management features 
  • Could use more customization options for timer durations and breaks 
  • Requires in-app purchases for full functionality

Why Does It Work for ADHD?

The idea is to plant and grow a tree whenever you want to focus. The app stops you from exiting focus mode by telling you that the tree will wither and die if you leave before the timer is out. The timer goes down as you work, and the tree grows further. With every successful session, you create a forest of trees.

This clever and surprisingly effective use of gamification provides a practical, enjoyable and highly visual way of managing distractions and focus for people with ADHD.

3. Llama Life

Best ADHD Visual Timer App

Llama Life Screenshot: Best ADHD Productivity Tools & Apps
Llama Life

What is Llama Life? Beautiful and highly visual Pomodoro timer with an integrated todo list

Our Rating: 4.7 / 5.0 ⭐

Price: $6/monthly or $39/year

Platforms: Web (Chrome only)


  • Tailored to ADHD with a highly visual, whimsical, and gamified interface
  • Simple, fun and easy to use
  • Preset routines and tasks make it easier to organize your day


  • Limited to Chrome only, with the mobile app under development
  • Limited integration with other productivity apps

Why Does It Work for ADHD?

Pomodoro timer with an integrated todo list, tailored for people with ADHD. It helps you timebox your tasks by setting a fixed amount of time for each task. Also includes rewards and whimsical sounds that encourage task completion.

4. Pomodor

Pomodor Screenshot: Best ADHD Productivity Tools & Apps

What is Pomodor? Simple, web-based and free Pomodoro timer

Our Rating: 4.6 / 5 ⭐

Platform(s): Web

Price: Free (with donations)


  • Simple, easy-to-use, and great-looking web app
  • You can tailor the session and break durations
  • Allows you to track your Pomodoro sessions


  • Not much more advanced than a Pomodoro stopwatch
  • No mobile app available

Why Does It Work for ADHD? 

Super simple, great looking and no frills Pomodoro timer.

We love it as it's free and has all the functionality you need to track your Pomodoro sessions.

It's technically a website and has no mobile app available.

5. Be Focused

Be Focused Screenshot: Best ADHD Productivity Tools & Apps
Be Focused iOS App

What is Be Focused? iOS-based Pomodoro timer app with an integrated todo list. Used by 5 million people globally.

App Store Rating: 4.7 / 5 ⭐

Platforms: Apple (iPhone, iPad, Watch)

Price: Freemium ($4.99 pro version)


  • Clear, user-friendly and simple interface
  • Adjustable work and break intervals
  • Tracks goal completion and provides detailed reports
  • Syncs between devices using iCloud


  • Only available on Apple devices
  • Limited customization options compared to other apps
  • The Pro version is required for full functionality

Why Does It Work for ADHD?

Timer-based app using the Pomodoro Technique to help users work in focused time intervals, separated by short breaks.

Users can set goals, track their progress over time, and view detailed reports to see where their time is going.

The app's clean and intuitive interface makes it easy to use and manage your tasks efficiently.

6. Time Timer

Time Timer App Screenshot: Best ADHD Productivity Tools & Apps
Time Timer App

What is Time Timer? A visual timer app that represents time graphically, making it easier to comprehend and manage time effectively.

App Store Rating: 4.6 / 5 ⭐

Price: Free for Mobile ($19.95 for desktop version)

Platforms: Apple (iPhone, iPad, Watch, Mac), Windows


  • Represents time in a graphical, colourful, and intuitive manner
  • Multiple timers can be used simultaneously for different tasks
  • Customizable duration and color coding for different activities
  • Provides an auditory signal when time has elapsed


  • The user interface can seem a bit dated
  • A bit too basic functionality for some: just a simple timer

Why Does It Work for ADHD?

Time Timer is designed to visually represent time, which is incredibly helpful for people with ADHD who struggle with time perception and time blindness.

This simple but effective tool creates a red disk that disappears as time elapses, providing a clear, colourful visual indicator of how much time is left for a particular task.

It helps manage time more effectively, improving focus and aiding task transition.

7. Brain Focus

Brain Focus Screenshot: Best ADHD Productivity Tools & Apps
Brain Focus Android App

What is Brain Focus? Android-based timer to manage distractions and facilitate focused work periods. The Google equivalent of Be Focused.

App Store Rating: 4.5 / 5 ⭐

Platforms: Android

Price: Free ($10 for the pro version)


  • Super simple and intuitive interface
  • Built-in timer using the Pomodoro technique
  • Stats and charts to track and analyze productivity
  • Integrated app blocker


  • Only available on Android devices
  • Could use more advanced task management features
  • Contains ads, which can be removed with an in-app purchase

Why it Works for ADHD?: 

Super simple and effective app based on the Pomodoro technique.

The built-in website and app-blocking features keep distractions at bay, making it perfect for someone with ADHD.

You can also disable WiFi and notifications during focus sessions.

Final Thoughts

There are a ton of apps there that can help you manage ADHD.

Most are not designed specifically for the ADHD community in mind, but might still be a great fit.

Every (neurodivergent) mind is different - the art is in finding what works for you!

We encourage you to explore, try and test to find the best fit.

Keep in mind that if you live in the UK the government’s Access to Work ADHD grant can cover some of your expenses in managing ADHD. It could be a good way to avoid or reduce that pesky ADHD tax.

Looking for ADHD life hacks? Here you can find 17 ADHD hacks that actually work and an ADHD cleaning checklist to transform the chaos into order.

And want to find more educational and entertaining ADHD Content? Have a look at our list of the best ADHD podcasts, best ADHD books, or our our ultimate collection of ADHD memes.

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