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How It Works

Deepwrk's body double app helps neurodivergent adults improve focus, motivation and task completion
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What is body doubling?

Body doubling is simply doing a task in the presence of another person or people

Your body double doesn't actively help, engage or interfere with your tasks. They are silent, passive accountability partner that exists in your environment.

Body doubling boosts motivation and makes even the most tedious tasks seem less overwhelming and more enjoyable.

Unlock Time for What Matters Most

Start and plan your day

Complete tasks & chores

Work on your business

Clean your inbox

Design or write

Take back control of your time

Sort out finances

Get admin done

Create content or art

How Deepwrk Body Double App Works?

Booking an ADHD body doubling session with Deepwrk


🗓️ Book: One hour long body doubling sessions facilitated by a host
Focus sessions rooted in behavioural science, designed to improve concentration & task completion


👋 Intro: Share what you will work on during the session
Double the odds of finishing tasks by sharing them with the group
People participating in a Deepwrk ADHD body doubling app sessions
Deepwrk task list half completed


🚀 Deep work: leverage the group energy to get things done
🥳 Recap: debrief and celebrate your progress

Earn Rewards

🎮 Gamification: Experience rooted in behavioural science helping you stay focused and consistent
Woman with long brown hair receiving Deepwrk milestones and badges
Deepwrk ADHD community members

ADHD Community

🌍 Join the community for support
🦄 Connect with people who get it
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What is body doubling?

Body doubling is a productivity strategy that involves doing a task in the presence of another person (or people).

It’s a well-established ADHD productivity technique that can be a game-changer for managing ADHD symptoms, promoting concentration, and boosting task completion.

If you enjoy working from a café, coworking space or a library, chances are you’ve already experienced body doubling without realising it. People there don’t bother you, speak to you, or pressure you to complete your tasks. They silently work alongside you. Yet you feel more productive, efficient and energised.

Well...that’s body doubling in action.

How does

We host virtual ADHD coworking sessions, where you share goals, work on your own tasks, and get things done together.

These virtual coworking sessions are rooted in behavioural science and are designed to improve concentration and task completion.

Your accountability partners don't actively engage or interfere with your tasks, but they provide extra focus, motivation, and a sense of community.

The platform offers a gamified body doubling experience that helps members start, stay on track and complete tasks.

Deepwrk combines online coworking with gamification and community to make even the most challenging and tedious tasks more enjoyable and easier to complete.‍

Our body doubling app empowers users to track progress and fuels consistency with milestone rewards, achievements, and badges.‍

Above else, Deepwrk is an ADHD community where adults with ADHD can feel supported, connected, and understood.

How do the sessions work?

You join a small group, share goals, work on your individual tasks (in silence) and, in the end, check in to discuss progress.

Typical agenda for a one hour long session:
👋 Intro (3mins): intro from the host
👥 Share tasks (2mins): share what you will work on
🚀 Deep work (50mins): focus and get it done
🥳 Recap (3-5mins): debrief and celebrate your progress

What can I work on?

You can use Deepwrk to get anything done.

Important, challenging, and creative tasks
that require focused work.

Or lengthy, mundane and repetitive tasks, such as decluttering or cooking.It's also beneficial for tasks that might induce stress, anxiety and that you tend to put off.

Deepwrk is often used to:
✍️ Write
🖌️ Design
🧹 Declutter
🎨 Create art
💬 Prepare for meetings
💼 Work on the business
🌞 Start and plan the day
🤮 Complete annoying tasks and chores

You can also get things done off-desk (e.g. cleaning & decluttering).

What if I am late?

It’s ok to join a session late, but you might miss the check-in and accountability & productivity benefits will be weaker.

If you are more than 5mins late, please join silently and use the Chat function to share your goals and todo list for the session.

You can join a session up to 20mins before it ends.

Do I need to keep my camera on?

It’s completely OK to be off-camera and you can always switch it off.

That being said, keeping the video on facilitates accountability and boosts focus.

The mere presence of people, even not engaged in the same task, is proven by research to boost motivation.

The sessions are not recorded and we have a zero-tolerance policy towards inappropriate or bad behaviour.

How much do I need to talk?

Not much at all.

Talking is brief, only 20-30 seconds at the beginning and end of each session.

You and your partners share goals in the beginning and debrief on progress at the end. That's about it.

Rest of the time is focused, silent work where everyone is getting their stuff done.

And you can also skip the check-in/out altogether, but the accountability benefits are weaker.

Is Deepwrk introvert friendly?


There is no yucky small talk as sessions follow similar pattern and have a predefined agenda.

Smiles and friendly faces are more than welcome and highly encouraged, but you are not expected to socialise.

How to make the most of each session?

✅ Take 1-2 mins to write down your tasks

🔨 Break them down into small and actionable items

☕ Grab your favourite beverage

🕒 Arrive a minute early to settle into your space

📱Get rid of distractions: phone, notifications, open tabs

🗣️ Share your tasks with the group to 3x+ the odds of completing them

📷 Keep your camera on for the added productivity boost

Is Deepwrk only for people with ADHD?

Deepwrk is a platform tailored for the ADHD and neurodivergent community.

However, you don’t need a formal ADHD diagnosis to join or use the platform.

In fact, we welcome anyone who wants to benefit from focused, uninterrupted work.

Can I invite friends and team members?

Yes, you can! It's easy to invite friends or teammates, with our referral program.

We call it “Give a month, get a month":

If you refer a friend and they sign up through your referral link, they’ll get a full month of Deepwrk for free.

Once they become a paying customer, you also get a free month of Deepwrk on us!

After 10 successful referrals, you get a full year of Deepwrk for free.

Can I get a grant to pay for Deepwrk?

Yes, if you live in the UK and have ADHD!

What is Access to Work?
An initiative created by the UK Government to support access work for people with ADHD and other disabilities

Who can apply?
You are 16+, live in the UK; and
- Have ADHD or any other accepted disability; and
- You are self-employed or in full-time or part-time employment; or
- Looking for work or thinking about becoming self-employed

What support can you get?
ADHD coaching/training, mental health support, office equipment, assistive aids, and software products (e.g. Deepwrk).

What is the Funding Amount?
Funding per person is currently capped at £66,000 per year

How to apply?

Want to learn more?
Check our detailed Access to Work ADHD guide

Is Deepwrk free?

Deepwrk offers a 7-day free trial and subsequently costs $19/month or $12/month if paid annually.

You do not need to enter credit card information to use the platform.

If you have ADHD and live in the UK, you can get a grant to pay for your Deepwrk subscription.

Access to Work is a UK government programme that grants up to £66,000 to support adults with ADHD in starting work and staying at work. Check out our in-depth Access to Work ADHD article for more information.

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