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Valeri Gervaziev

Founder & CEO at Deepwrk

Valeri is the founder and CEO of Deepwrk, a body doubling platform for ADHD adults to focus, escape distractions and do more, together.

He spent 10 years in investment banking, most recently at Morgan Stanley, advising on $15Bn+ worth of M&A transactions and helping industrial tech companies raise $9Bn+ of capital.

Valeri is also an author and neurodiversity advocate passionate about mindful productivity.

"We started Deepwrk in 2023, to fight against the unbalanced work-life divide for the neurodivergent community, who often find themselves isolated, stressed, and burned out from a lack of support."
"We are building an online community of supportive Deepwrkers, buzzing full of neurodivergent brilliance, where everyone feels connected, seen, and understood."
"And we want everyone to experience the wonder of online body doubling in a supportive and kind environment that makes you feel awesome!"