18 Best ADHD Products & Gadgets in 2024 to Manage Adult ADHD

Valeri Gervaziev
11 mins read
Mar 21, 2024

Living with ADHD is like navigating through a labyrinth of distractions, time blindness, and a constant whirlwind of thoughts and emotions.

It's a journey that often feels like you're walking on a tightrope, balancing between chaos and control.

In this article, we’ve curated a list of 18 indispensable ADHD products and gadgets that can be a game-changer in your ADHD journey helping you stay on the side of control.

From tracking devices to ingenious planners, these are not just products; they could be a lifeline for anyone with ADHD looking to reclaim their focus, time, and peace of mind.

ADHD Products for Tracking & Finding Stuff

If you have ADHD, you're likely no stranger to the frustrating experience of misplacing essential items like keys or your phone.

It's not just about forgetfulness; it's a symptom of the executive function challenges that come with ADHD.

Products in this category are designed to help you keep track of your belongings, reducing the mental load and anxiety that often accompany these all-too-common scenarios.

1. Tile Mate

Price: $25+

Tile Mate Tracker ADHD Products
Tile Mate Tracker (4 Pack)

Oh, the number of times I've misplaced my keys, wallet, or even my phone is beyond counting.

It's like my brain has a knack for making everyday items vanish into thin air.

Enter the Tile Tracker, a little lifesaver.

This tiny device can be attached to anything you're prone to losing.

Using the Tile app on my phone, I can make the Tile ring, helping me locate my lost item in seconds. It's not just about the convenience; it's about the peace of mind it brings.

Knowing that I have a reliable way to find my essentials reduces the anxiety and the mental clutter that often comes with ADHD.

2. Apple AirTag

Price: $29+

Apple AirTag ADHD Products
Apple AirTag

I've always been an Apple ecosystem enthusiast, so when Apple released the AirTag, I knew I had to give it a try.

And let me tell you, it's been a game-changer.

Similar to the Tile, the AirTag helps me locate lost items, but it takes it a step further by integrating seamlessly with Apple's "Find My" app.

The precision finding feature is a marvel; it guides me right to my lost item with on-screen directions.  It alleviates that frantic search around the house, which, let's be honest, can be a massive drain on my ADHD brain's limited attention span.

Plus, if my wallet or anything else goes missing outside my home, the expansive Apple network helps track it down, adding an extra layer of security and peace of mind.

However, it’s much more expensive (6x more expensive to be exact) than the Tile Tracker. It’s also not a good fit for those outside the Apple ecosystem.

ADHD Products for Time Management

Time blindness and hyperfocus are two sides of the same ADHD coin.

On one hand, you lose track of time, and on the other, you become so engrossed in a task that everything else fades away. Both can wreak havoc on your daily life.

The products in this category aim to help you manage your time more effectively, offering visual and tactile reminders that can pull you out of a hyperfocus spiral or remind you of impending deadlines.

3. TimeTimer

Price: $20+

TimeTimer ADHD Products

Oh, the Time Timer, my trusty sidekick in the battle against time blindness.

If you're anything like me, you know how easy it is to lose track of time when you're engrossed in a task.

That's where this little gem comes in.

The Time Timer is visually represents time as a red disk that slowly disappears, making it incredibly easy to see how much time you have left for a task.

It's perfect for ADHD as the visual time representation helps you tackle time blindness. It’s like having a visual countdown that's always in your line of sight.

And the TimeTimer is perfect for the Pomodoro Technique for ADHD.

No loud ticking, no startling alarms, just a gentle, visual reminder that helps me manage my time better.

It's especially useful during my work sessions, where I can set it for 25-minute intervals to practice the Pomodoro Technique.

The only downside?

It's a bit on the pricier side for a clock at £25, but for the peace of mind it brings, I'd say it's worth every penny.

4. Garmin Smart Watch

Price: $200+

Garmin 265 Forerunner ADHD Products
Garmin 265 Forerunner

I've tried a lot of smartwatches, but nothing quite compares to my Garmin.

It's not just a watch; it's like a personal assistant and an ADHD accountability buddy on my wrist.

With customizable alarms and reminders, it helps me stay on top of my tasks and appointments.

The vibration alerts are a godsend, subtle yet effective, ensuring I don't miss anything important.

But what really sets it apart for me is the battery life. Unlike the Apple Watch, which needs daily charging, the Garmin can last for more than two weeks on a single charge. For someone with ADHD, this is a huge relief; I don't have to remember to charge it every day.

Plus, the Garmin training plans and watch suggestions make it so much easier to stick to an exercise routine.

It's like having a mini accountability partner that not only helps me manage my time but also encourages me to take those much-needed breaks to stretch or go for a quick run.

It's a bit of an investment, but considering it's a watch, fitness tracker, and an ADHD management tool rolled into one, I'd say it's well worth it.

There are a ton of models you can choose from, but my favourite is the Garmin Forerunner 265: great battery life, amazing value for money, rich sports features

ADHD Products for Planning

Planning and organizing can be a real struggle when you have ADHD.

Impulsivity and forgetfulness often make it hard to stick to a schedule or even remember what's on the agenda for the day.

There are a ton of planners out there, but the products in this category are designed to help you take control of your time and tasks, making life with ADHD a bit more manageable

5. reMarkable 2: e-Paper Notepad

Price: $299

reMarkable 2 ADHD Products
reMarkable 2 with Marker Plus

The ReMarkable 2 tablet is more than just a gadget; it's a game-changer for those with ADHD.

Picture a sleek, electronic notebook that feels like you're writing on ACTUAL paper.

And it does feel like real paper!

This tablet is a haven for ADHDers as it helps keep all your notes, thoughts, and ideas at one place.

Imagine having all your notes from meetings, calls, and brainstorming sessions in one place, searchable and always at your fingertips.

It also has the ability to transform your handwritten notes into typed text in 33 languages

Its distraction-free design also means no pesky app notifications interrupting your flow.

6. Magic Whiteboard

Price: $40 (with markers)

magic whiteboard ADHD
Magic Whiteboard

This whiteboard sheet is pure magic ✨.

Well, visual aids are magic, but this thing actually works!!!

It helps you brainstorm, note down goals, and remember important tasks / plans.

Just place it somewhere you can see it every day.

It's super easy to put up (or down) a wall!

7. Bullet Journal

Price: $25

Bullet Journal ADHD Products Bujo
Bullet Journal (aka Bujo)

The Bullet Journal (aka BuJo...but not to be mistaken with Boris Johnson) is a godsend for people with ADHD who crave customization and need a quick way to jot down their thoughts.

ADHD minds often move faster than we can follow, making it easy to lose track of important ideas or tasks.

This is where the Bullet Journal's rapid logging comes into play.

It offers a quick and flexible space to jot down any thoughts you want to "keep" throughout the day.

Unlike pre-structured planners, the Bullet Journal allows you to create your own system that caters to your unique challenges, whether it's forgetfulness, impulsivity, or time management.

The act of physically writing and organizing your thoughts can also serve as a mindfulness exercise, helping to rein in a wandering mind.

8. Panda Planner

Price: $25

Panda Planner ADHD Products
Panda Planner

The Panda Planner is another fantastic tool for managing ADHD.

With daily, weekly, and monthly sections, it can help you break down tasks into manageable chunks.

The planner takes you through a 90-day timeframe, prioritises your goals and breaks them down into small chunks, week over week.

It incorporates principles of positive psychology to help you not just plan your day, but also reflect on your mood and what makes you happy.

This focus on emotional well-being, along with task management, makes it a comprehensive tool for ADHD management.

9. Legend Planner

Price: $25

Legend Planner ADHD Products
Legend Planner

The Legend Planner is more than just a scheduling tool; it's a holistic system designed to improve your life.

What sets it apart is its focus on setting and tracking goals, which can be a challenge when you have ADHD.

The planner guides you through setting SMART goals and breaking them down into actionable steps, providing a structured framework that can help combat the impulsivity and lack of focus often associated with ADHD.

With dedicated sections for goals, to-dos, and reflections, it helps you stay focused and organized.

10. Aqua Notes

Price: $15

Aqua Notes ADHD Products
Aqua Notes

Ever had a brilliant idea in the shower only to forget it minutes later?

The waterproof Aqua Notes are a lifesaver for capturing those fleeting thoughts.

Waterproof and easy to use, they let you jot down ideas or reminders without having to step out of the shower.

It's a simple yet effective way to combat ADHD-induced forgetfulness

11. The Five-Minute Journal

Price: $30

The Five Minute Journal ADHD Products
The Five Minute Journal

Sometimes, all it takes is five minutes to set the tone for the day.

The Five-Minute Journal is particularly useful for tackling the emotional and mental aspects of ADHD.

It can help you start the day with intention and gratitude, which is crucial for managing the emotional aspects of ADHD.

The journal prompts you to list things you're grateful for, daily affirmations, and good things that happened during the day, helping to shift your focus from chaos to positivity.

It's a quick yet impactful way to align your thoughts and actions for the day ahead.

ADHD Products for Stress Relief

Stress and ADHD often go hand in hand.

The constant mental chatter, impulsivity, and restlessness can make us more susceptible to stress.

Here are some gadgets & tools that can help us manage and alleviate stress effectively.

12. Gravity Weighted Blanket

Price: $130

Gravity Weighted Blanket by Ooide ADHD Products
Gravity Weighted Blanket by Ooide

If you've never tried a weighted blanket, you're missing out on some serious stress relief.

Therapists have long since used weighted blankets to help calm people with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and autism.

This weighted blanket from Oodie is like a big, comforting hug for your nervous system.

Filled with non-toxic glass beads and hand-washable, this blanket uses deep pressure stimulation therapy to help you relax.

It's perfect for those nights when your ADHD brain just won't shut off.

The weight of the blanket provides a grounding sensation, making it easier to drift off to sleep or simply unwind after a hectic day.

13. Ono Roller

Price: $35

Ono Roller ADHD Products
Ono Roller

Fidget toys have been shown to effectively increase focus and attention.

But the Ono Roller is not just another fidget toy; it's a stress-relief powerhouse.

Designed to keep your hands busy and your mind focused, this roller is perfect for those of us with ADHD who need something grounding to fidget with.

It offers a soothing and satisfying rolling motion that can help calm even the busiest of minds.

Whether you're in a meeting or watching TV, the Ono Roller can be your go-to gadget for instant stress relief.

It's discreet, portable, and incredibly effective at enhancing focus and reducing stress.

14. Philips Sunrise Alarm Clock

Price: $130

Philips Wake-Up Light ADHD Products
Philips Wake-Up Light

Waking up can be a jarring experience, especially when you're already dealing with ADHD-related sleep issues.

ADHD difficulty waking up in the morning is a common issue .

The SmartSleep Wake-up Light by Philips aims to make your mornings less stressful and more natural.

Inspired by nature's sunrise, this alarm clock uses a unique combination of light therapy and sound to wake you up.

The light gradually increases within 30 minutes, changing from soft dawn reds through warm orange to bright yellow, stimulating your body to wake up naturally.

By the time your room is filled with light, a natural sound of your choice completes the wake-up experience, leaving you ready for the day ahead.

ADHD Products to Block Distractions

Distractions are the bane of anyone with ADHD.

Whether it's the ticking of a clock, chatter from a nearby conversation, or the hum of an air conditioner, these seemingly minor nuisances can derail our focus completely.

That's why having tools to block out distractions can be a lifesaver.

Here are some products that can help you create a distraction-free environment:

15. White Noise Machine

Price: $99

White & Brown Noise Machine ADHD Product
Lectro Fan Evo White & Brown Noise Machine

Let's face it, the world is a noisy place, and for someone with ADHD, that noise can be incredibly distracting.

Enter the White Noise Machine, a small but mighty gadget that can be a gamechanger for productivity, sleep, and relaxation.

For many with ADHD, consistent background noise can dramatically improve concentration by blocking out other distracting sounds.

But it’s not just about focus and productivity. White noise is reported to help with falling asleep, benefiting not just those with ADHD but anyone in need of a restful night.

With a variety of sound options, from the ocean's calming sounds to a fan', this machine allows you to create your own personalized sound environment.

Simple to use and highly effective, a white noise machine is a valuable tool when you need to concentrate or get quality sleep.

16. Loop Earplugs

Price: $25

Loop Earplugs ADHD Products
Loop Earplugs

Loop Earplugs are not your average earplugs.

They are designed to filter sound rather than just block it.

This means you can still hear important things like conversations or alarms while cutting out distracting background noise.

They are particularly useful for people with ADHD who are sensitive to noise and need to focus.

With over 2 million sold and a 100-day free return policy, these earplugs are a reliable choice for managing your sensory environment.

17. Post-it Notes

Oldie but goodie.

Use these as a substitute for working memory to externalise information that you are holding in your mind (similar to a notepad/journal).

Leave them around the house in strategic locations. Make it eye-catching: the more visible, even intrusive, the better.

18. Noise Canceling Headphones

Price: $200+

Noise Canceling Headphones ADHD Products
Sony WH-1000XM4 Noise Canceling Headphones

When it comes to blocking out distractions, Noise Canceling Headphones are the ultimate tool.

These headphones use active noise-cancelling technology to filter out external sounds, allowing you to focus on what matters most.

Whether you're working, studying, or just trying to enjoy some quiet time, these headphones can create a sanctuary of focus for your ADHD brain.

There are a number of products to choose from but, despite the hefty price tag, we love the Bose QuietComfort 45 series or Sony WH-1000XM4.

Final Thoughts

Remember, ADHD is a highly individual experience, and what works wonders for one person may not be as effective for another.

The key is to experiment and find the tools that resonate with you.

At the same time, remember that the ADHD tax is real - it's easy to get excited about a product and forget about it quickly.

Some of our suggestions are on the expensive side of the spectrum, but if you live in the UK the government’s Access to Work ADHD scheme can cover some of these expenses.

And for some more ideas and inspiration on strategies to thrive with ADHD, check out our article on ADHD productivity tools and apps or some of the best ADHD podcasts.

Looking for other ADHD life hacks? Here you can find 17 ADHD hacks that actually work and an ADHD cleaning checklist to transform the chaos into order.

And if you're curious about the power of ADHD coworking, give the Deepwrk ADHD body doubling app a try. It could be the missing piece in your ADHD management puzzle.

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